As of the middle of week 7 it was decided that Roman should become the new team leader for this project, thankfully, he hasn’t gone mad with the power. Currently the game is just a little bit off of a fully working beta, and that’s also given that the game still has balancing to be worked on. But for the time being, a player can face a preset amount of enemy waves with specified spawns, build turrets, equip cards and use cards. So far it is only the tower card abilities which have complete functionality. Although a couple of the field cards work and a few action cards work, they require the most time to get working as it requires creating code which will produce unique effects during gameplay. Such as an action ability that will deal damage to a specified enemy, which would first require a phase of using the card, then being able to select an enemy and then also the possibility of canceling the ability.

Another job was working on all facets of the shop including enabling the player to be able to buy blueprints for cards and booster packs of card blueprints which would have theoretically costed the player premium currency, as this is just a class project the premium currency is fictional. An interesting problem to be solved was a way for the player to be able to build their decks for there up and coming games. Game Cave Productions still need to work on implementing a few things like getting the cards to change every week on the shop to fixing up how everything fits together including the art for the UI.      

Level Design:

With level 1 finished for the most part (unless any new additions are decided upon), level 2’s prototyping has begun (though it is only level 2 in name and will be subjected to change at a later date) the overall aesthetic of the level is vastly different from the first level containing a large amount of water and the pathing now travelling upwards (though this has no effect on the player) in terms of design the enemy starting from the bottom represents a long and arduous effort which fits in with the early levels being easy for the player not only that but the pathing is very narrow and winding again all to give the player that feel that they are in power (for now). In the end though this stage was more of a test for adding water to the background to see what we may do with it in the future (maybe a marine only level?).


Since establishing Game Cave Productions the company has gone through a few iterations for logos that would most define who we are as a team, not only that but time was taken to decide on font style/size/colour to make sure the correct message gets across to any viewers. The logo now looks like…

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