Level design:
First prototype level created, to allow for an easier difficulty (as far as pathing is concerned) 3
180 degree curves were added allowing for multiple towers to have a very efficient attack range,
a visual aid for the players base was added to resemble a low poly military base which has been
prefab to have a desert (sand) style floor even though the levels floor is green representing a
moist/damp kind of area though this design choice was deliberate to make the base stand out.
Simple “foliage” in the form of rocks were added with simple bushes and trees to come. A tunnel
was added for enemies to spawn but remain hidden as well as a visual aid for the enemies
spawn point to help players identify where the enemies will come from.

Store set-up:
The prototype of the store and the way the player can make cards though blueprints. The store
prototype needs to work with the card system so i'm going to have to wait until the cards are
finished. So i can add them to the store. The next part i’ll work on is the PHP script and hosting
and then i'll add a heat map for when we start to test. So there is a few things for me to get
through the hard part would be calling the time and comparing it i'm planning on storing it in the
database as well as one the device.

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